Bombastic Bengals

Breeders of Beautiful Bengal Kittens

IMPERIAL GRAND PREMIER BOMBASTIC MIDNIGHT.  Well what can I say about this boy.  He is a blue eyed snow spotted bengal and is the most easy going cat I have ever met.  He loves being shown and adores attention from everyone.  Most of his time in his show pen was spent lying upside down waiting for someone to tickle his tummy.  A beautiful cat that has done me proud.

GRAND PREMIER BOMBASTIC WOODY.  This is my beautiful brown marbled boy he has the most wonderful temperament.  He has done very well  for me on the show bench although does tend to be a little shy but still shows off when he has too.

IMPERIAL GRAND PREMIER BOMBASTIC ARTFUL DODGER.  This cat has everything, beautiful coat, gorgeous temperament and knows it!!  He has done extremely well on the show bench.  Working towards his Imperial title.

CHAMPION BOMBASTIC KHALEESI.  A beautiful blue eyed snow spotted girl who is doing well on the show bench.  (see more under breeding queens).  My beautiful girl gained her title of champion in three consecutive shows.